5 Million For Change

Thank you for visiting my 5 Million For Change page  

Here you will find the 5 Million For Change Pledge as well as my personal pledge for new beginnings  
Ginny wrote her Pledge to mobilize 5 Million people to create a world of caring, thoughtful people who will do their best to Make A Difference with "true sustainable CHANGE on every continent."   

I raise my hand for 5 million for change
I will take time TODAY to make a difference in my world.
I will take time TODAY to do one thing – for one person.
I will take time TODAY to spread some love & caring in my world.
One thing – TODAY.
Nothing is too small. Nothing is too big.
It is only important to take Action.
I will take time TODAY – to ACT – to create CHANGE!
~Ginny Dye~


Today, I will contemplate new beginnings;
What it means to me and what I want for myself in this lifetime.
As I look forward to new beginnings,
I will do my best to Make A Difference,
not only in my life,
but in the lives of others.
~Terry Gorley

Smile and Have A Wonderful Day!

Terry Gorley